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From Pixel to Output
This is a demo store of the company Durst Software Development GmbH.
It serves exclusively for presentation purposes and the demonstration of our online store solutions.

Smart Shop &
Smart Shop Plus

Start successfully into e-business and generate sales with your individual shop solution.
Use the Durst Smart Shop or Smart Shop Plus with editor for your ideas and products.
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License model

The Smart Shop and Smart Shop Plus are available as license model.
Invest in the future and build up your e-commerce business with your personal shop.
The right support & maintenance package ensures your shop being comprehensively and always up to date.

SaaS Model

Software as a Service – SAAS
With our rental model, you can run the Smart Shop or Smart Shop Plus for a monthly fee and enter the online business with full scope.
Use the shop as long as you need it.

Top categories


made from vinyl or fabric

Commercial Flags

horizontal or vertical

Canvas Printing

in the format of your choice

Backlit Film

for illumination

Top products

With the Durst Smart Shopevery customer becomes a designer!

simple connection to various

Payment Providers

We support you in connecting the most important and most common payment providers to your shop system. Decide which payment providers you would like to provide to your customers - we will take care of the connection. Durst Smart Shop and Durst Smart Shop Plus currently include the most common payment providers - your provider is not included? We will be glad to help you with the connection.
interfaces to various

Shipping Service Providers

Your shipping service provider – our interface.
If you have already found your shipping service provider, we will ensure that it is connected to your Smart Shop to ship your goods easily and cost-effectively.
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    Payment Providers
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    Shipping Service Providers

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Start your online business with Smart Shop


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    We would be happy to provide you with comprehensive information about our Durst Smart Shop and Smart Shop+

    The Durst Smart Shop offers the complete solution for a successful start into e-business.
    Use the Durst Smart Shop for your ideas and maximize your sales rate!
    Easy implementation, fast response times and individual products – Durst Smart Shop.

    the smart E-Commerce Shop

    Smart Shop

    The Durst Smart Shop offers the complete range of services of an innovative online shop. The Smart Shop module includes website CMS, store management, data upload management, advanced calculation options and much more. 
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    With Smart Editor for smart business

    Smart Shop

    The Durst Smart Shop Plus is a complete shop system and offers you an intelligent and innovative solution for starting your online business. Benefit from our innovative Smart Editor - which allows you to offer your customers browser-based design of print products with 3D preview.
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    Use the Durst Smart Shop and Durst Smart Editor as your gateway to digital production – we ensure seamless integration with Durst workflow as well as with your own production environment. We will be happy to assist you with our extensive experience.
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    360° SERVICE

    We assist you from planning your e-business to design modification, and launch of the shop. We will also be glad to act as your partner in the area of online marketing and support for your shop.
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    Our solution allows you to address specific target groups directly. For example, you can offer a franchise business a wide range of advertising material customized for their corporate design with the names and locations of the franchisees.
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    The Durst Smart Shop means you can be reached 24 / 7. Prospective customers can obtain information about your range of products at any time. The integrated Durst Smart Editor allows your customers to design their personalized print products around the clock. They also have constant access to the latest information about delivery times, inventory levels, and a whole lot more.


    We are a global leader in advanced digital printing and manufacturing technologies and the first choice for implementing and transforming digital industrial production processes. We focus on efficient and environmentally friendly production technologies enabled by digital transformation. Based on our independence as a family business, our values, talents and financial strength, we continuously invest in competences and innovations. We strive for customer focus and quality in everything we do.
    Smart Factory

    From the order in the online shop to the goods ready for dispatch - from pixel to output SMART FACTORY.

    Durst Habitat

    The Durst UVC-R air disinfection system 'Habitat' is the solution against infectious aerosols, viruses and germs. As scientific studies in Europe and the USA show, aerosols are primarily the cause for the transmission of COVID-19. Durst Habitat effectively reduces the viral load indoors.